The Best Paint Colors From Ralph Lauren For A Bright Regency Interior


Ralph Lauren is famous for his clothing, but perhaps just as well known for his home collection. Elle Decor¬†featured pictures of the restoration project that took place at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello’s estate in which Ralph Lauren generously donated to complete the transformation. Located on a mountaintop outside Charlottesville, Virginia the dining room was repainted in Monticello Yellow which was designed by Ralph Lauren to replicate the original colors in Jefferson’s dining room.

Chrome yellow was first introduced in France in 1809 by the chemist Nicolas Louis Vauguelin. Available in 1809, the pigment discovery produced a more affordable and stable intense yellow. Prior to its discovery bright yellows faded rapidly, or were highly toxic. Jefferson grabbed a hold of this color just 6 years after the discovery in France and applied it to his walls in the dining room. Later on the walls were repainted in a blue. It was only until recently that the original color was brought back into this famous estate. The bright yellow developed in France was extremely expensive during this time, as the cost was $5 per pound compared to 15 cents per pound for basic white. Ralph Lauren’s Monticello Yellow is made with light-reflecting pigments which re-create the luster of the original paint in Jefferson’s home.

Ralph Lauren’s Paint collection is my number one choice when it comes to choosing paint colors based on antique colors found in the past. Lauren has several collections:

The Vintage Masters which is a collection of the very best hand selected paint colors.

The Urban Loft collection is a hand picked selection of colors for modern interiors.

The White Wash Collection focuses on just white hues, while the Modern Light collection is simply light paint shades.

The Naturals are the best in grays, beige and neutrals.

Ralph Lauren Colors

My Favorites From The Island Brights Collection

The Thoroughbred collection is a collection that greatly represents 18th and 19th century colors found in Spain, France and England. The Island Brights collection are the concentrated brights found in summer.


Vallone Design

Vallone Design

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