Find Your New Sofa Online- 39 Of My Favorite Picks

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Frasier Modern Classic Charcoal Linen Black Walnut Sofa $3,612.00 & FREE Shipping

When my husband and I were first married, I dragged him from store to store trying to find the perfect sofa. We didn’t even think about ordering off of Amazon, but rather just […]

Decorating With Celadon Green For A 1700’s Feel

Minn Hogg Seen In The London Magazine

The color green can can create a cool, calm, soothing atmosphere that it is no wonder why it is widely chosen by professionals in field of color, painting and decorating. Celadon green is a subdued green that has gray undertones, which makes […]

10+ Of The Best Historical Yellow Rooms

Mineral pigments such as iron oxide, red ocher, and red lead, white lead and yellow ocher have been common pigments dating back to ancient times. Synthetic yellow pigments included patent yellow introduced in 1781, Naples yellow in 1800, and chrome yellow, in 1820. Yellow has always been a popular color for London homes, it […]

Decorating Cues From Ballinlough Castle

Ballinlough Castle is just one of the many amazinginteriors that Todhunter Earle has re-designed. The castle was featured in the magazine Image Interiors in the Aug 2007 issue. Ballinlough Castle is hidden in the Irish countryside, and an hour from Dublin. The castle is home to the same family for almost 400 years. The main […]