Decorating With Celadon Green For A 1700’s Feel

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Minn Hogg Seen In The London Magazine

The color green can can create a cool, calm, soothing atmosphere that it is no wonder why it is widely chosen by professionals in field of color, painting and decorating. Celadon green is a subdued green […]

Wallpaper Designs That Have Been Talked About For Years

Leta Austin Foster and Associates

Wallpaper can be the quickest way of adding texture to a room without the legwork of painting. Wallpaper can also do wonders by concealing the worst of walls. It can make a tremendous difference in a room decorated around the English styles by adding drama, […]

Neoclassicism At It’s Best – The Top 30 Red Decorating Fabrics Part 3

In A Passion For Interiors Carolyne Roehm takes you on a tour through three of her best design projects: her Georgian home in Connecticut, her New York apartment,and a ski lodge in Aspen.

Get a preview of what to expect of two of these homes in this previous post, showing a […]