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 The cover of the July /August Issue of Elle Decor featured a dramatic room with a wall covered in framed antique map prints. Most people have plain walls, not because they choose to, but rather because coordinating art prints can be challenging at times. If you enjoy the finer elements in life such as the sleekness of marble, the bright glitz of brass, and highly lacquered paint finishes, glass frames lining the wall will be right up your alley. Displaying antique prints in glass frames may be a way of adding that extra notch of dignified glamour to your home. World maps have a wide range of benefits that make them the perfect decorating solution compared to simple sketches and oil paintings. We give you three considerations that you cannot deny why framed maps make perfect sense for your home.

1. Maps Make You Smarter

Maps make a great reference tool. When maps are lined on your walls, over time you memorize their contents. When the news hits, instead of having to familiarize yourself with the world, you know exactly where a particular city is and which country borders it. My husband says he credits his great memory for geography to having a map on his wall as a child. He is able to point out any country with ease, where as I have more trouble with it. In my home, maps were in books, and they only surfaced when my school work needed to reference it. Maps help children learn about the world. Over time they memorize what they see. Instead of lining their walls with cartoon characters, make their room look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while educational at the same time. On Kids Room Decor, we give some great ideas of decopaging your childrens dressers with world maps, which give a personalized effect. Children also learn that the world is a big place than their view point of their small neighbourhood that surrounds them. Seeing how small their hometown is compared to the rest of the world can help them grasp world events and a higher level of geographical knowledge than other children their age. No matter how old you are, our knowledge of geography can always be improved. It is never too late.

Country Living Magazine features a home that displays antique maps

2. Framed Maps Are Aesthetically Pleasing.

Antique maps can add a touch of elegance and charm to any room. If you love the look of a balanced interior, like minded prints can do just that. Just like a wall of framed black and white prints, gray scale maps give some detail and depth to a room without feeling overwhelmed.

Alternatively for a more modern look, maps with slight colors can add some color into a room. Any print can be blown up at your local print shop, which gives you the control to blow up one map or copy a map that you have always loved which you can then frame. The bright colours of a map can bring life and color into a room. Work with your existing colors and find prints that work in the same color palette.

Everyone’s Poster sells large scale poster picture frames wholesale.

An alternative to world maps, can be framed maps of locations that a person has toured, or would like to tour. Framing maps of locations that you would like to see serves almost like a goal written down and in your face everyday.

Easy Hanging

3. Maps Bring Conversation to Life

World maps can instantly draw people in to look at them, making them a perfect talking point for company to gaze upon. Even when people in a room, at a gathering may not know each other, maps can unite strangers and act as a catalyst to start a conversation. Maps are something a person never tires of. Antique prints of the city of Paris and Washington DC are astounding to look at. Studying the world globe is something that will keep you entertained for a life time. It is interesting to see how each of the continents fit together like a puzzle piece, when you look at the globe. It has been something I have pondered for many years. Wholesale Frame Source features some of the nicest frames at whole sale discounts. Consider looking up the words Map lots on ebay for large discounts, instead of buying them separately.

Wall Maps as Art From Elle Decor

interior designer Robert Stilin hung a pair of vintage Long Island maps. Read Elle Decor’s Article on Maps as inexpensive Wall Art

A vintage celestial chart from Rand McNally depicting the constellations for the Northern Skies is the focal point in the study of designer Thomas O'Brien's Manhattan apartment- Featured in Elle Decor

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