How To Keep Your English Patio Furniture in Tip-Top Condition

Garden Bench

Leagrave Bench With a classic English garden design, the Leagrave Bench is both timeless and elegant. Constructed out of concrete with the Portland finish, gives the impression that the chair is wooden.

Everyone wants their outdoor furniture to stay in tip-top condition for a long period of time, so that your patio can look good and you can get your money’s worth. There are different methods to clean different types of furniture; following are some of the very useful and easy cleaning methods:

Wooden Furniture

If its wooden furniture then you might think, it is the right idea to pressure washes it for a deep clean, but that is not really the case.  Pressure washing is too harsh for wooden furniture. As long as the furniture is not made of redwood then the right way is to apply the mixture of water and oxygen bleach to the furniture with a brush, make sure the brush has soft bristles. For more protection from something like sand, it is a good idea to reseal it once it has dried out.

Plastic or Vinyl

If you possess vinyl and plastic products, take heed while cleaning them. Using harsh substances like detergents and soaps can make the surface of such products very dull very quickly. What you should really do is mix the mild dishwashing detergent with water and apply it with a scrub brush, which has soft bristles or even a sponge. If there are mildew stains on the vinyl or the plastic then small amount of ammonia can be used to remove them.

Metal Furniture

If the furniture is made of metal then a garden hose can be used with hard spray setting turned on. Mixture of car washing soap or detergent and water can also be used to clean the furniture. Use a scrub brush with soft bristles for cleaning chairs, tables and benches. Once done with the scrubbing rinse the surface with lukewarm water. Aluminum and chrome does not need a topcoat in most cases. If you possess metal or cast iron with enamel finish, apply a thin layer of car wax fusing a soft cloth, which is free of lint for good results.

Furniture made of Wicker

For furniture made of wicker, things that you will need for cleaning the debris are a broom, vacuum cleaner with all the brush attachments and a dry brush with soft bristles. To gently clean the scrubs use a combination of dish washing liquid and water with a brush or sponge. For rinsing always use as little water as possible, a small sponge dipped in water will get the job done very nicely. The process does not end there; always dry off the wicker you don’t leave it to try on its own. Use a soft cloth to dry it so the excess water does not get into the furniture.

If you keep, your furniture well maintained it will definitely last a lot longer and will look good at the same time. You will get your money’s worth and your patio will look good too. Regardless of how much money you have put into your furniture, you always want your items to stand the test of time.

Author Bio: Stephen Roshy is a professional writer and he writes quality and informative content on different industries. You can find him on Facebook , Twitter and Google+.

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