Decorating With Vintage Trunks

Louis Vuitton Vintage Stacked Luggage Decorative Table

Don’t discount a vintage trunk the next time you run across one in an antique or second hand store. Decorating with trunks presents limitless opportunities around your home. Almost every decorating photograph involving trunks shows Louis Vuitton trunks, but you don’t have to limit yourself to name brand luggage. There has been countless times where I have run across great looking rustic slatted wood trunks with old fashioned leather straps. Other trunks are all brass plated, making them just like a piece of jewelery in your home. Often times these trunks aren’t overly expensive. Ebay has a number of spectacular trunks which are very affordable, making it possible to collect a few to stack up tall on a small feature wall. The brass hardware on trunks make them irresistible to me. I love the trunks like the one below which feature a combination of wood, brass tack details and leather.

Picture Above From Vintage Views Consignment And Consulting

Stacking Trunks- Some Ideas For Decorating With Trunks

Many times you can get trunks cheap enough that you can paint the details the color that coordinates with your interior.

-Consider a stack of trunks in two tone colors.  For Example – consider painting 3 trunks in a blue color range, say peacock, navy, and cobalt blue, and an orange trunk. Work with the color wheel to determine the colors.

-Consider faux painting your trunks.  Buy an overhead projector and copy a pattern on to overhead projector paper and paint on a geometrical pattern that appeals to you.

-Make your walk in closet extra grand by setting one aside for a stack of  old trunks.  They make excellent storage while at the same time looking fabulous.

Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks, published by Abrams, provides an intense and detailed glimpse into the artistry of the House of Vuitton.

Page by page, stories reveal the painstaking artistry that goes into the works that bear that famous Louis Vuitton. Patrick-Louis Vuitton explains in the preface, the trunks that this design house is known for were not always made for first-class travelers. When the trunks were first produced by Louis himself in 1854, they were made for heavy-duty, utilitarian uses.

Flipping through the book, you can see and feel the company’s dedication to craftsmanship, the meticulous attention to detail, and the unrelenting loyalty they have for their customers.As a result, hundreds of thousands of trunks have been taking around-the-world journeys by an eclectic range of clients which include explorers, artists, princes, and of course, those discriminating travelers that want to stand out.

Restored medium-sized antique box trunk. One Kings Lane

Restored medium-sized antique box trunk. One Kings Lane

Decorating With Trunks

Decorating With Trunks -2002 Steven Klein Liya Kebede

Decorating With Trunks -Designer Tony Espuch

Decorating With Trunks – Darryl Carter Louis Vuitton

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