Chaise Longue: The Must Have Piece Of Furniture

A Regency Painted and Parcel Gilt Chaise Longue

A chaise longue is French for a long chair. This type of chair was originally patterned by Egyptians, as a combination of a chair and a daybed. There are also many illustrations of gods and goddesses longing on this type of chair in Greek art. Romans used this type of chair during eating. They reclined on this type of chair to eat their meals. As you can see, this type of furnishing has been around for a very long time. Some modern examples include:

1.    Wicker – Many modern chaise longues are made of wicker. This material holds up well outdoors and is used extensively in sunrooms and gardens. Because of the forgiving nature of the material it is still comfortable to recline on, though throw pillows or cushions are often added for extra comfort.

2.    Wood – Another outdoor use of chaise longues is with wood. Woods that are durable, like cedar, are common on porches and backyards, especially next to a swimming pool. Adding a waterproofing agent is recommended, but people often sunbather in chaise longues by the pool. Cushions are added for comfort, but sometimes only the addition of a large beach towel is all that is needed.

Domenico Indunco- A Lady Reclining On A Chaise Longue

3.    Leather – Leather is a very opulent material for your chaise longue. There are many different types such as dark leather, light leather, fur, and suede. There are even artificial leather alternatives that are more affordable. Leather looks nice in many decorating themes and can add a touch of elegance to a room.

4.    Cloth – Cloth is the most common type of material to upholster a chaise longue with. There are many different patterns and styles available from the stain resistant types that are good with households that have children to soft decorative velvet and even modern white. It is important to know what your needs will be before choosing a fabric because they have different ways that you have to take care of them to have them keep looking their best.

These are just some of the types of chaise longues available for your regency furniture decorating needs. Chaise longues have been around for a long time and are comfortable, useful, and add a wonderful design element to any room.

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Regency Chaise Longue -Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

A Regency Brass-inlaid Simulated Rosewood Chaise Longue

 Biedermeier Chaise Longue German circa 1820-1830

1940’s Hollywood Regency Painted Klismos Chairs

Traditional Regency Lounge from Coup de Tat

A Regency Brass Mounted Ebonised Chaise Longue From Christies

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