Wallpaper Designs That Have Been Talked About For Years

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Leta Austin Foster and Associates

Wallpaper can be the quickest way of adding texture to a room without the legwork of painting. Wallpaper can also do wonders by concealing the worst of walls. It can make a tremendous difference in a room decorated around […]

Breathtaking English Interiors

The World of Interiors magazine featured the breathtaking Ven House in their October 2011 issue. Jasper Conran has been working on the reformation of Ven House with the help of his great friend Edward Hurst. The magazine featured a fourteen-page feature interview which captured Jasper’s journey over the last four years.

“If we had […]

Decorating With Vivid Color- Designer Andrew Gn’s Apartment Part 2

Augustus, the king of Poland at the turn of the 18th century, amassed more than 24,000 pieces of china. Gn says he shares the same love. He bought his first piece at age 16 and the endless fascination has never subdued. The walls in his home serve to display his vast collection, […]

Neoclassicism At It’s Best – The Top 30 Red Decorating Fabrics Part 3

In A Passion For Interiors Carolyne Roehm takes you on a tour through three of her best design projects: her Georgian home in Connecticut, her New York apartment,and a ski lodge in Aspen.

Get a preview of what to expect of two of these homes in this previous post, showing a […]