6 Ways To Decorate Your New Home On A Budget

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Romantic Irish Homes is the title of a Collection of Photographs by Simon Brown

Part of the joy of owning a home is making it uniquely yours which includes filing it with old family treasures, adding that special touch of style and decorating it with your personal unique […]

Wallpaper Designs That Have Been Talked About For Years

Leta Austin Foster and Associates

Wallpaper can be the quickest way of adding texture to a room without the legwork of painting. Wallpaper can also do wonders by concealing the worst of walls. It can make a tremendous difference in a room decorated around the English styles by adding drama, […]

Decorating With Vivid Color- Designer Andrew Gn’s Apartment Part 1

After one look at at Andrew Gn’s Parisian apartment, it is hard to believe that the famous fashion designer at one time fell for the modern-minimal interior looks when his apartment invokes the best of the designs and objects that were found in the past 17th and 18th centuries.

His 2,000-square-foot flat is filled […]

Decorating With Vivid Color- Designer Andrew Gn’s Apartment Part 2

Augustus, the king of Poland at the turn of the 18th century, amassed more than 24,000 pieces of china. Gn says he shares the same love. He bought his first piece at age 16 and the endless fascination has never subdued. The walls in his home serve to display his vast collection, […]