How To Decorate With Mirrors For Your Regency Styled Home

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When you walk into someone’s home, you get a feeling of how the whole home is just from the hallway. Halls can be wonderful spaces, whatever size they are. Here’s how to make yours more inviting.

If you have a large hallway you can use it like an […]

Decorating With Celadon Green For A 1700’s Feel

Minn Hogg Seen In The London Magazine

The color green can can create a cool, calm, soothing atmosphere that it is no wonder why it is widely chosen by professionals in field of color, painting and decorating. Celadon green is a subdued green that has gray undertones, which makes […]

English Dining Room Storage

English Mahogany Three-piece Vitrine Cabinet

When you think about a dining room you usually do not think about storage. In fact, though, the dining room is a great place for both decorative and practical storage. A good storage option can make more room, create a beautiful taking piece, and be […]

10+ Of The Best Historical Yellow Rooms

Mineral pigments such as iron oxide, red ocher, and red lead, white lead and yellow ocher have been common pigments dating back to ancient times. Synthetic yellow pigments included patent yellow introduced in 1781, Naples yellow in 1800, and chrome yellow, in 1820. Yellow has always been a popular color for London homes, it […]