7 Ways To Add Color To Your Home In Unexpected Ways

Add Brighter Color Tones In The Hallways – 17th Century Tuscan Home In Architectural Digest

If you are color shy, like most people……  consider venturing into color gradually by adding it in the most unexpected places.

1- Consider painting the ceiling a bright color and the wall tones a very graduated lighter hue of the same color.  For example a light mint on the walls and an apple green on the ceiling.  Baseboards and trim can be in a slightly lighter or darker hue than the wall color.  Pair this with natural wood furniture and some accessories in coral.  Here we see this exact idea in tones of blue.

2- Consider painting the inside of your cabinets a bright shade.  If your cabinets are naturally a pecan wood shade, consider working with orange, coral, or a light tangerine.  It provides a bit of an unexpected surprise.

3-Accessories can play a big role in determining color.  Silk is an excellent choice to consider for drapery.  Often the most vibrant colors are seen in silk curtains, making it a great choice to combine with an electric wall color.  In this instance, a lighter pastel lilac tone for the walls is combined with a beautiful pink silk drapes.

4-I once ran across a lady who was selling her mothers antique dresser that was passed down through the family for years.  She told me that every year she painted the inside of the drawers a different color.  It was a joy to paint something bright and cheerful and not necessarily live with the color 24 hours a day.

5- Collect brighter shades of pottery and display it on sconces on the wall.  Mary McDonald wrote in one of her books that she fell in love with some fuschia colored china in one of the homes that was for sale at the time she was looking for a new house.  The china was put in the offer of sale as a condition of purchase.  Line up those brighter shades of raspberry or lime green on the walls against a similar or lighter hue.

6-Use brighter shades of textiles in your home.  Here we see a canary yellow throw in a room that is based around yellows.

7-Furniture can be painted in brighter hues without having to live with it on the walls.   Consider adding color to the inside of your furniture legs.   This fabulous chest from Christies is a perfect example of adding color to a chest.

Brighter Green Photo Above- – See more pictures of this 17th century Tuscan home at The Paper Blog

Brooklyn Museum Featured in Architectural Digest

Additional Photos Of Inspiration:

– A pocket door painted in a bright tone of yellow.

– Here we see a vibrant shade of canary yellow in silk drapes.  French chairs are upholstered in a yellow and white stripe.

Egg blue is used on the walls with over-sized picture frames.  One sure way of toning down a bold wall color is to layer lots of prints on the wall.   Consider pairing some gold ornate frames with abstract art in the same color tones.

This room is an excellent example of adding texture to a wall without it becoming busy.  Here letters are painted the same shade as the wall.  What an interesting effect. Take this idea a step further with furniture and paint shelving on the walls with the same paint.  Ornate sconces can blend in a wall, and picture frames lined up in a symmetrical pattern can be painted the same color in areas of the room.

-In this room we see a blue toned gray on the walls.  The upholstered bed works within the same color tones, and the white chair works well at brightening up the room.

-The room features a ravishing teal on the walls.  Velvet drapes work perfectly with the paint tones.

-This interior artfully combines the color of purple on to the door following the lines of tile that are positioned half way up the wall.  What a dramatic use of color.

-This vivid room has various shades of green.  It almost appears as though the back wall is in a darker shade of green.  One of the most exciting interiors featuring color.

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