6 Ways To Decorate Your New Home On A Budget

Romantic Irish Homes is the title of a Collection of Photographs by Simon Brown

Part of the joy of owning a home is making it uniquely yours which includes filing it with old family treasures, adding that special touch of style and decorating it with your personal unique taste.

However with the economy we’re in, everyone is out to save a buck even when it comes to home decor. But when we’re faced with financial adversity we usually rise to the top and our creative muscles get flexed. There are a number of things you can do to decorate on a budget and still add style, finesse and even flair to your space. See our top tricks below.

6 Ways To Decorate Your New Home On A Budget

1. Window Coverings –

One of the easiest and yet most inexpensive ways to revitalize an room in your home is via the use of strategic and stylish wall coverings. Window blinds, curtains, rods and finials all add a certain charm to a room that is chic yet so simple. Think of your style and how you can incorporate that into your window designs. Maybe you’re a fan of Vintage Country, if so – then curtains that carry this motif would suit you and add that special appeal to the room.

2. Plants –

There are as many different types of plants as there are paint colors. You have bamboo which is regal, lean and tall – making it an ideal solution for any home on a budget. There are dazzling lilies that would look great in any room in your home and add a splash of color to an all white palette. Using plants as decor is not only smart but it also brings in much needed fresh oxygen into the space – a win win for everyone.

3. Pillows –

Most homes have them and there’s a reason for this, because they add character and pizzazz wherever they are placed. You can theme up and decide to get a series. Pillows can be updated as your style evolves over the years. Throw pillows are very inexpensive, making them an easy way to tranform your interior. Consider focusing on leather, linen, and raw silk choices to give your home that high class appeal.

4. Shelving –

This idea is both practical and decorative. You can color match shelves with the color in the room and place them on a wall or use them freestanding to create a room division. You can use multi sized book shelves or the same size and you can also dress them up with collections, frames, and antique books. The trick is to think of what you’re going to do with them BEFORE you buy them.

Photographed by Stuart McIntyre for KLM Design.

Photograph by Antony Crolla.

5. Student Art –

Most large universities and even some smaller community colleges have student art on display that the public can buy. Look for the needles in the haystack and decorate your home with nice but frugal art. Consider creating your own abstract art. Consider buying your favorite paint colors in sample sizes and throw the paint on to a canvas. Look in google images and find an abstract style that appeals to you and try to re-create it. Pair it with a chunky ornate frame that looks very expensive and you will have a piece of art that looks like a thousand dollars.

6. Accent Furniture –

Accent furniture is comprised of chairs, tables, mirrors, and other similar items that accentuate a the larger furniture in a room. For example, side tables complement the sofas and accent chairs can complement a corner or other empty nook. Look for hues that add color to an otherwise drab area and or prints and fabrics that
add texture to blandly painted walls.

That concludes our top tips on decorating your home on a budget. Hope we have given you design inspiration and plenty of frugal ideas to make your space more comfortable and utterly gorgeous.

Guest article by Missy Diaz who writes for Hercules Movers, a New Jersey moving brand.

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